Central reservation and customer-service center

Super switchboard system can realize seamless switch between hotel and customer service center to present the best customer service.

Central reservation center provide our guests full service online to greatly improve service efficiency. Also it would minimize hotel operation cost.

Central operation center

Experts of revenue management and OTA operation are gathered here to guarantee first class OTA operation management and revenue management.

Concrete scale advantage increased bargaining power with OTA channels.

Minimize hotel channel cost.

Central marketing center

Centralized market management can increase our competitiveness in TMC, Mice and Corporate markets.

Marketing channels are greatly broadened, thus the direct-sale capability is strengthened.

Minimize hotel marketing cost.

Fabricated Decoration

We have a professional team dedicated to the design and development of fabricated decoration hardware and software. At present, we have realized the overall integration of the product's full space integration. We are also an IoT company with a high degree of integration, using IoT technology to conduct comprehensive and effective control over product standardization design, factory production, fabricated construction and informationized management.

Fabricated construction has high efficiency while low cost. The wall is smooth in both sides and needs no plastering, and can be finished after installation. It is easy to install without complicated scaffolding, which is more than ten times the efficiency of traditional wall construction.

Modification pain points

-Land rent pressure is high, and time transformation costs are high.

-Construction pollution is high, and garbage clearing expense is high.

-For wet construction, indoor air quality is uncontrollable.

-On-site delivery is greatly affected by the level of construction personnel and the quality is uncontrollable.

Light-modification aesthetics

The integrated feature of fabricated technology is the ability to be compatible with the complexity of the site and provide an easy and fast retrofit strategy. We independently developed a light and fast physical connection system that can be used to create prefabricated and on-site assembly methods. Industrialized seams and diversfied finishes give space a sleek aesthetic.

Smart Voice Butler: Pandora
Thoroughly wake up hotel room service

There is no faster, more natural way of interacting than saying. The very first touch-screen intelligent voice butler that truly realizes “free repeat wake-up” and “streaming interaction”,has a 4.7-inch large visual screen and a powerful natural language interaction system, which can easily realize far-field over-range response and direct dialogue with questions.: from room management to room service response, from audio and video play to life encyclopedia, from entertainment and study to emotional talks… More than 300 skills just need a word to get. Guest control and guest needs are integrated into intelligent control. Thus room service is thoroughly activated and the hotel is entering voice era.