Service Apartment


Professional designers provide soft furnishing design and linen services. We make your home more suitable for residential group accommodation

experience and needs Management

Due to our extensive, professional expertise and experience in commercial hospitality operations, we attach great importance to the accommodation experience of the guests. In addition to providing 5 star hotel services, we will also select local tailor made activities for the guests and recommend them. The efficient operation of the professional Housekeeper will save you a lot of time and make your short rent a real passive income

Multi platform online

We will send all properties to all rental platforms, such as Epeyoung, bookings, Agoda and Ctrip. The multi platform ensures good occupancy rates are generated for your house. At the same time, we will use expensive management software to manage various calendars efficiently. Give your room more possibilities!

Maximising Your Returns

On average the returns for a one bedroom apartment in the CBD is between $3,000.00 - $3,200.00 per month and the returns for a two bedroom apartment in the CBD is between $3,500.00 - $3,700.00 (depending on the season and location and layout of the property). Taking into account the utility fees, this is still 35% - 40% more returns on the property compared to long term rent.


You will have access to the entire calendar for your property so you will always keep track of your bookings.

Positive Cash-flow

Unlike other management companies, we charge our fees at the end of the month and therefore, ensuring that as the payments for each booking are confirmed, so you will receive the income immediately and our fees will only be paid at month-end.